my life so far…. haha part 2



We saw this on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and couldn’t resist trying it…

Totally endorsing this app. Totally worth the money.

You should try it! I’d love to see what you can come up with! So post it here plz!

the time when I met up with my two homies and they told me about this app that jimmy fallon used on his show, this is our attempt to try and cover what he did during the show :D


camp night 3- campfire sing along after ministry night under the stars. God is so amazing! pure joy seeing all these kids encountering God’s love. 
" Kneeling on this battleground seeing just how far we’ve come knowing every victory was your power in us. 
Never once did we ever walk aloneNever once did you leave us on our ownYou are faithful, God you are faithful!” 
#nofilter #thisisourpursuit #favouritepartofcamp :)

2/1/14bucket hat party @ kas’ + friendship bracelets club hahaha

A track I titled “Time Traveller” in relation with the anime “Stiens Gate” Sampled from the anime it’s self “Gate of Stiener” 

I sampled this one from one of Pikadru’s piano jam sessions, titled along the lines with, “I’m drunk and something something playing piano… lol, also known as “NEETZ” this man is also a great music producer


Doin’ it right #beatselfie #jamnominate #daftpunk #RAM

VLOG about our trip in portland/melbourne 


Designed by Timothy Rowan